Swim SPA from TILESTONE pools its one unique model for multiple building options:

  • ACTIVE with counter current
  • FUN with counter current and back massage jet’s
  • ULTRAFLOW – for swimming maniacs 400 m3/h turibine

Swim SPA manufactured according to fulfill al customer needs. initially designed to be inground, above ground options also available. TILESTONE Pools will manufacture a Swim SPA to your needs so if you need a bespoke build – just ask!

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Swim SPA from TILESTONE i made to impress you and your friends. powerfull hydrotherapy jet’s, LED lights, chining mosaics and neat ceramic tiles will make every garden more luxury and beautiful. You need more jet’s? more flow? – just ask – we can add more accessories!


Energy efficiency is the key to lower consumtion of your pool and SPA heating, that’s why TILESTONE Pools meet thermal 0,25 W / m²K requirement. Moreover our engineering team designed efficient flow for every jet, so our Swim SPA is not just fun and beauty but also saving your money.