TILESTONE SPA pools offers superior level of tiled spa to your projects. SPA’s and SWIM SPA’s can be designed without any limits of size and shape and manufactured according highest standard and with any finish materials: mosaics, ceramics or natural stone. 

TILESTONE SPA’s are manufactured combining best pool building materials: composites and carbon steel. We design not only SPA’s but also we have created our own range of stainless steel Jet’s and accessories in order to complete spa with luxury finish for every customer needs.

Contact our sales team to find your tiled SPA pool from our range or just ask and we will build a bespoke version of your vitality pool.

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TILESTONE Poosl manufactures a range of tiled SPA’s. You can choose a model, from our range, or make us a drawing and we will manufacture it.

Steps, hydrotheray jet’s lighting solutions and stainless steel accessories is what we do!

We manufacture special Hydrotherapy and vitality pools not only for private customers but also for hospitality professionals.


Energy efficiency is the key, that’s why TILESTONE Pools and SPA’s are fully insulated to meet strict 0,25 W / m²K thermal protection. We install fabric or slatted covers hidden under bench or under your terrace.

Our structural strenght let install pools and SPA’s on roofs, cliffs and other complicated sites, where the weight and total mass is very important.

Coconut Series


Almond Series


Sunflower Series

 Sesame Series


Thermae Series

Tiled City SPA